Happy New Year – and welcome back!

When you walk into the Law School, you will note that it’s been a very busy four days.  Here’s an update on the technology:

Office and Computer Help Desk

We’ve moved!  Eli Anderson is now located in L274, Carl Hamm is in L26, Michael Dickerson is in L271E, and Kim Edwards can be found in L271D.  The Computer Help Desk is now located on the second floor of the library outside of room L274.









Umm – where’s the Network Printers and Lab Computers?

Great question.  We have strategically placed the printers and computers throughout the library.

LawLab1 and LawLab2 can be found on the first floor of the library outside of the Reading Room.  Remember that we also have a printer (lawpapercut2) that is still located in the phone pod room on the second floor.









We have strategically placed “Lab” computers throughout the library.  There is one in the basement, one on the first floor on the backside of L171; one on the second floor near the phone pod room, and four in the soft carrel area.









We’re looking forward to seeing you!  Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance.  If you need any assistance, please submit a ticket at https://sl.richmond.edu/e2, or you can reach us by email at lawtechsvcs@richmond.edu.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great semester!

Where did the Computer Help Desk go? (and other answers you’re looking for)

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