Parchment is a service a lot of Universities are using to deliver secured copies of transcripts to recipients.  They’re SO secure that the normal ways in which we may save the PDF to remove the encryption doesn’t seem to always work.


So what do we do?  Firefox (the browser) to the rescue!

  • Visit to download and install the browser
  • Copy and paste the link you receive from Parchment into the Firefox browser to open the transcript in a web page
  • Click the green Download button – this will open the transcript document in another browser window or another tab within Firefox
  • Choose “Print” in the browser window or tab.  In the Print dialog box, select “Save to PDF”


Why Firefox?  It seems other popular browsers such as Chrome and Safari download the attachment versus opens the file in a browser window or tab by default, which is causing encryption issues.


Other questions? Visit the Computer Help Desk on the second floor of the law library, or contact us here.


UN-encrypting a Transcript? Firefox is the answer!

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