Your law library provides four network printers for students.


All students get 400 print credits per semester.  A credit is one sheet of paper, so the more duplex/back-to-back printing you do, the more printing you will get from your print credit budget.


In the computer lab, you will find lawlab1, lawlab2, and tencredittaft – tencredittaft is a color laser printer, and will cost 10 print credits to use.  The other two printers are black and white laser printers.


On the second floor of the library in the phone pod room is a printer named papercutlaw2 – this printer is another black and white laser printer and is the same model as what you have in the computer lab.


To install the printers on your laptop, follow the instructions for your operating system here.  The computer lab computers also have the printers installed.


Questions? Problems? Stop by the computer help desk in the law library or call the Computer Help Desk at (804) 289-8975.

Network Printing for Students

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