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But before we hear your voices, we want to hear some screams! So the SLATErs have compiled a list of their favorite horror movies to get you all into the Halloween spirit!


Alyssa Fetterolf (3L)

The Saw series – Jigsaw takes justice into his own hands by punishing his victims for crimes and other wrongs they have gotten away with. Trapping them in intricate torture devices, Jigsaw tests his victims will to live by forcing them to complete puzzles/games that inflict pain for freedom. Sick and twisted in the best ways, with lots of gore!


Reagan Cavanaugh (1L)

Coraline – A perfect “scary” story for those of the faint of heart. This stop-motion movie follows Coraline as she moves to a new house and discovers a secret door. What lies behind the secret door is a parallel universe that eliminates all of Coraline’s troubles. But is this parallel universe as perfect as it seems?


Sidney Fox (1L)

I See You – A scary movie about a mysterious murder in a small town that has a beginning, middle, and end that you never saw coming. It left me looking under beds, in closets, and in attics for months just to make sure phrogging wasn’t happening in my own home.


Kaylee Johnson (2L)

Halloween – After killing his sister on Halloween night, Michael Myers is committed to a mental institution. Fifteen years later to the day, he escapes and returns to his hometown where he stalks and kills several teenagers. Halloween is a suspenseful thriller perfect for watching on Halloween night. Plus, who doesn’t love Jamie Lee Curtis!


Katie Gill (1L)

The Blair Witch Project – I think that it is a classic where a group of kids get trapped in the woods, with no way out, and record all of their horrifying interactions with the Blair Witch on a video camera. And I could find the humor in the filming and the low-budget production. This being said I think that it was a great success for their small budget and included a concept that had never really been done before. Definitely a spooky concept and I am sure that I would be horrified watching the newer version with better special effects and filming.


Chris Ames (1L)


The Exorcist – A horror film that has aged like fine wine. Every time I see it, I get the chills and start feeling uncomfortable. From the editing techniques used to superimpose creepy imagery so fast that you’d almost miss it, the crazy sound mixing, and the actual nauseating sight of an MRI from the 1970s, this is a horror film that will truly spook you in ways that arguably no other film has since or ever will. I highly recommend it this Halloween if you really want some serious suspense and tension!


Emily Casey (2L)

The Exorcism of Emily Rose – I actually don’t watch scary movies because I’m kind of a wimp 🙂 But my name is Emily Rose so I am regularly told that I should watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I have yet to take that advice.


Rebecca Pinsky (3L)

Get Out – I usually don’t care much for scary movies, but one that I think is worth a watch is Get Out. I remember all the hype surrounding its release and was totally on board after I watched it. I like that it takes you to a place you didn’t know to expect but doesn’t douse you in gratuitous violence or tension that doesn’t play out.


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