Catan Board Game

Here at the law library, we love books and electronic resources.   Cases and codes are core to the curriculum. At the same time, we value ways to relax, unplug and play.   If you’re looking for a distraction or something fun and free to do with friends, check out our collection of tabletop board games.  The collection was inspired by a law student request a few years back.

You can check them out for a period of four days at a time.  Just ask for them at our circulation desk.

This menu shows you what we have.

Menu of Board Games

If you are into board games and like to connect with friends online, we recommend trying the platform Board Game Arena. This is a browser-based gaming platform.  You can get an annual subscription for less than $30, but you can also play many games for free, including Lost Ruins of Arnak, Stone Age and Puerto Rico.  To many folks, virtual gaming is not as fun as the “analog” version.  However, you won’t lose pieces or have to worry about spilling your drink on the board.

Take a Break with a Board Game

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