UPDATE March 15, 2020

Please remember that you need Duo to use our Virtual Private Network (VPN) via Anyconnect and to log into Bannerweb when you’re off campus.

Questions?  Please contact one of the Technology Services staff (Mason Ramsey, Carl Hamm, Paul Birch, or Kim Edwards) and we will be happy to help.


Effective October 1, 2018, the University will require two-factor authentication to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection method needed to access certain online services, such as Hein Online and JSTOR. Whenever you’re off campus, you’ll need to use the two-factor authentication system to access the hundreds of academic databases and use the thousands of electronic book titles the law library provides. However, the October 1 change will have no impact on how you access these systems:  Blackboard, Email, Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg, Symplicity, etc., or how you access content when you are on campus.

Two-factor authentication is a security protocol providing additional protection for sensitive data and secure systems by requiring a second type of authentication for access.  It is seen as a best practice for system security. The University of Richmond is introducing two-factor authentication with the Duo platform, implemented through the leadership and guidance of our Information Services department.

There are two ways to authenticate to the University’s VPN: With an app or with a physical device you purchase:

App: Duo is a free app you can download and use on your mobile device.
Device: You can purchase a physical token at the University’s bookstore that generates the security code.

You can start using Duo security now and are encouraged to do so prior to October 1, when it will be required for VPN.

Instructions on how to set up Duo two-factor authentication:  https://is.richmond.edu/accounts-passwords/duo/enroll.html

Instructions on how to access the VPN with Duo:  https://is.richmond.edu/accounts-passwords/duo/vpn-duo.html

If you have questions, please stop by the law school’s computer help desk, or contact either Mason Ramsey or Kim Edwards.

VPN and Duo Security for Law Students

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