Do you need model jury instructions, the code, or a benchbook? You’re in luck, the library now offers access to the Lexis Digital Library with hundreds of titles for research and practice. All titles are available for use both online and offline. Online usage requires Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge; the library will not work with internet explorer. You can also use the library on your tablet or phone with the Lexis Digital Library app. The app is available for iOS or Android. Once you’ve got the library pulled up online or through the iOS/Android app, enter the code “richmond” to start using the library.

Titles are sorted by subject and you can easily search or browse for the title or topic that you need. All of the titles can be annotated and highlighted – and the annotations and highlights will sync across your devices so you don’t need to worry that you’ll lose notes by switching between your tablet, phone, and computer.

Contact Molly Lentz-Meyer at with any questions.

Michie’s, Statutes, and more available electronically

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