Your professors will be using Zoom and other technologies to teach remotely.  To set up your Zoom account, visit – click “sign in” to configure your account and download the Zoom app.  Sign in with your netID and password via the University’s webpage. BE SURE TO SIGN IN VIA SSO, not Google if using a mobile app.  It’s that easy!

Now is the time to become familiar with the tool.  On the top of the app you will see “contacts.”  Everyone who has logged into their Zoom account once will be listed.  Notice the green dot – that is an indication that the person is online.  Eli Anderson, Carl Hamm, Michael Dickerson, and Kim Edwards will be available to either type chat or video chat with you.  A red dot or video camera will indicate the person is on another call.

You will be hearing more from your professors and deans on next steps as we venture into unchartered territory.  Please take the time to familiarize yourselves with this communication tool before classes resume.

Helpful Tech Links

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Zoom – Set up your account

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