Social Media & Sourcing Contributions

Reflecting on my five weeks at Porter Isaac, I feel fortunate to have been able to work so hands on with their CEO and founder. Additionally, I feel I was able to contribute to their mission, progress, and success.

My two focuses this summer have been social media development and sourcing candidates for jobs. With social media, I developed a social media campaign to celebrate the company’s 7 year anniversary. I created a countdown ‘til 7 years campaign that consisted of 8 days of posts that take a walk down memory lane to explore the past and thank all those who have contributed to where the company is today. I got very positive feedback from my supervisor on the idea and the final social media projects. The campaign started Tuesday and we have already increased our number of followers and our interactions.

Besides social media, I have worked greatly on sourcing potential candidates through LinkedIn Recruiter. I have been able to collect many candidates that hold the proper skills, have solid work experience, and come from a good educational background. In fact, on one job I sourced 42 candidates and my boss chose to message 40 of them. This indicates that I was able to identify top tier talent worthy of taking the next step with.

When it came to social media, I had brainstorm phone calls with my boss and through the teamwork we were able to develop great ideas. Because of my use of social media, and growing up with social media, I was able to provide insight into what would be most aesthetically pleasing and get the most interactions.

When it came to sourcing, I was able to take my boss’s advice from early in the process and apply it to my own searches. I knew the importance of finding a software engineer who holds a clearance, so I focused my search around government contracting agencies.

I feel that my leadership has contributed to this success because I can use my critical thinking skills when analyzing a candidates, putting the pieces together in my mind. I also feel that through my weeks I have been able to develop idiosyncrasy credit which has given me more comfort in being creative and presenting ideas that are more out of the box.