SIT and ILT in the Workplace at E3S

In a job search, besides looking at the job description and requirements, a potential candidate also looks at the organization as a whole, especially at the company culture and values. If these values are viewed as important to the candidate or similar to their own values, the individual is more likely to feel that they would be a good fit for the company, as well as adapt to the company culture more easily. This desire to have shared interests and principles with other group members stems from the Social Identity Theory, where individuals tend to associate themselves with people who share similar self-definitions and common qualities. The leader in this case is often the person who best exemplifies the overall shared identities of the group. Due to their similar beliefs, group members would most likely have similar Implicit Leadership Theories, therefore would agree on the perception of the individual who leads the organization.

A workplace is a group of people a candidate often has a choice to be a part of, therefore they will choose a place they know will be a good fit for them, where they can make connections with other employees and identify with the qualities of the company leader. If members can feel that their values are mutually held by their coworkers as well as represented by their leader, it makes for a more productive work environment. People tend to feel safer and more secure in their ingroups; no matter how diverse the company may be, being held to the same standards and believing in the same vision for the company as a whole allows for this sense of belonging. 

E3/Sentinel is definitely a company that highly values its members. Cooperation, communication, and the feeling of an almost flat organization (rather than an impervious hierarchy) are things they pride themselves on. The CEO of the company definitely exemplifies these values, which is why he is highly respected by members of the organization. His leadership style is definitely an appropriate balance between being relationship-oriented and task-oriented, but it is clear in his philosophy and demeanor as a leader that he values the personal growth and development of his employees, as he knows that in turn this will positively impact the growth and development of the company.