Organizational Culture: Chief Executive Group

I have greatly enjoyed my first week working remotely as a part of the Chief Executive Group. In addition to getting to know the team, I have become more familiarized with the organizational culture of the company. First and foremost, the company values a highly collaborative work environment, where team members are encouraged to frequently communicate with one another and exchange ideas, regardless of whether or not they are in the same department. This notion is exemplified by the team-huddle zoom meetings hosted by the CEO every morning. During these reoccurring meetings, the team members check in on each other  and everyone is given the opportunity to share any relevant updates or feedback they may have. I believe these huddles have illustrated the highly positive attitude that the team members have towards the organization as a whole because they use them as an opportunity to celebrate each other’s successes. This close-knit work environment, which has largely been fostered by the companies small size, is one of the organization’s most notable strength. This assertion is attributable to the fact that it has enabled the team members to work closely with one another, regardless of their department, thus forming valuable friendships. Additionally, Chief Executive Group has demonstrated its strength through the team’s ability to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19. This notion is exemplified by the way they have successfully adapted their communication within the organization to accommodate working remotely. Currently, they communicate with one another via Microsoft office; Outlook and the Teams’ video calling feature are used for formal interactions, while Teams’ messaging platform is used more informally. These platforms have enabled the team to continue working with one another cohesively, despite being out of the office. Additionally, the company successfully reshaped their “CEO Rising Summit” from an in-person event into a zoom webinar and managed to exceed their target revenue. After the death of George Floyd, the team has become more attentive to the importance of acknowledging the injustice that occurred and to using their platform to combat racism. As a result, they have been sharing articles regarding the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement in corporations. Additionally, I have been helping them to research diverse CEOs to feature on their platform in an effort to challenge the dominant narrative.