Levels of problem and a solution

Working with an ever-growing remote company, I have identified many problems woven within the systems of the organization. First, to give some background, I am working at a consulting company that has adapted its business model to create and release sellable courses on Lean Six Sigma and other consulting specialties for business optimization. As well, the company is working at a strange capacity due to COVID-19 having two full-time professionals, five UR interns, and one intern-in-training who is a younger student. During this change, interns are given (and self-claim) much less work than we are capable of simply because the two bosses are spread thin with their own work and unable to give us too much than we can handle. We do a lot of work, both in teams and individually, and report on mostly the Monday.com platform but, are absolutely not at our greatest ability. It is difficult for me to rationalize this, as I would like to dive deeper, but I understand the circumstances. Our two bosses are navigating their own path as they navigate ours for us, and I recognize the difficulty and uncertainty right now. I have to however point out the under-use of us interns on a daily basis. To pose a possible solution to this, I hope to recognize the group dynamic as our team gets more familiar with each other and our work and use my education in group teams to identify themes and ultimately find ways to help the bosses before they assign projects to us. Understanding them as leaders and how they lead us will help me recognize issues before they have to be clearly dictated to us and hopefully allow our impact to be greater by the end of the summer. Similarly, working with the other interns has provided insights about teamwork and collaboration that positively impact the environment and work product. We speak on a much more regular basis throughout the day, as compared to with our bosses, and navigate the uncertainty of our projects together. We help each other, bounce ideas off of each other, and collaborate on the product that gets returned back to the bosses. I think this is one positive of the problem I discussed earlier. I look forward to when these sides merge into more enjoyable and impactful work experience for all.