A Transformational Leader

After a few short weeks working with Cavi Consulting, I have noticed strong Transformational Leadership qualities within my direct boss. Transformational leadership is described by Bass as “establishing oneself as a role model by gaining followers’ trust and confidence. Transformational leaders state future goals develop plans to achieve those goals, and innovate, even when their organization is generally successful” (Eagly and Carli, 2004, p. 285). Similarly, “by mentoring and empowering followers, such leaders encourage them to develop their full potential and thus to contribute more effectively to their organization” (285). My direct boss communicated through my interviews and has reiterated many times that his main objective for us this summer is to not only get some experience with consulting and small tech startups but develop as young professionals. He personally has offered services in professional development and makes sure to check in on us on a routine basis. He wants us to leave the summer with a mentor, someone to write recommendations, and an adult peer in the field for questions, concerns, and understanding. He has certainly gained my trust and confidence through his assurance, openness, and honesty and has already had a great impact on me professionally. He regularly speaks about ‘the work world,’ preparing us, and giving us advice about feedback, project submission, and different kinds of people we will encounter. He gives us his past experiences, casually and unfiltered, for our knowledge and to connect with us personally. He toes the line between professionalism and relating to us young interns well, which gives him our trust even more. I appreciate this line greatly with him. I believe acts as a transformational leader to us interns not only for our personal development but of course, selfishly so we have the greatest positive impact on his company this summer. For me, I greatly appreciate and enjoy working with this kind of leader and look forward to the rest of my summer with him. As well, I expect to trust and look up to him far into my professional career as a guide and mentor. He truly embodies Eagly and Carli’s theory of transformational leadership.