Final rundown

I have been done with camp for about a week now and have allowed myself to reflect a bit on the summer as a whole. I have briefly touched on ideas, theories which are suggested to be used in the childcare in my previous blogs so I wanted to take a different approach to the ‘theories into action’ category. I have developed or better yet refined some life lesson theories I have held in the back of my head as I go through life. Not giving into bad energy when it exists and letting it consume you has been a forethought for me this summer. My theory which I’m sure many others share is that if you don’t give int bad energy/help to reduce the bad energy whether it is relationship based or conditional is critical to maintaining your own mental health. Although I was very aware of this before starting my internship it became imperative to follow this theory in order to not flip out. When you are surrounded by the same group of people all summer you begin to get aggravated by certain individuals easily and in order to maintain a proper work environment you have to maintain a certain level of composure so operations roll smoothly. Specific theories such as this are something I am hyperaware of nowadays and which I try to follow in every situation I am in now. Communication is key and following your own personal truths and theories can help you to be more comfortable with yourself and clearer minded.