Resolving Problems Taught Me Everything

My time at Preferred Freezer Services was centered around the need for assisting accounts receivable in the Logistics department. My role was to reach out to clients, whether it be over the phone or through email, and send copies of outstanding invoices while requesting the status of the payment. As I was primarily responsible for the account balances for small to medium-sized companies, there were always issues involved with making the payments. When things ran smoothly, I would receive an email apologizing for the late payment and an attached copy of the check, ACH, or wire transfer. However, as this was not the case for many of the accounts, my task was a little more complicated than that.

When there were issues with the payment, I would have to conduct a little investigation which included tracking the shipments of the load, the net weight on pickup and drop off, any claims made with damaged/lost/stolen product, late deliveries, miscommunication and of course disputes relating to the payment of the service. Our service typically charges for the transportation of the product (Lumper Fee), the storage in one of our warehouses (Base Rate), and the fuel charge related to the delivering of the customer’s product to and from our warehouse and its destination. This was all the information I would have to look up in our systems in order to clarify the charges made to the accounts of our customers that disputed charges.

Problems related to the payment of invoices enabled me to learn more about the company and how it operates from a macro perspective. If everything went smoothly, I really wasn’t diving into the whole operation like I did when there were problems involved. Although they took additional time and effort, the problems I worked to resolve exposed me to many aspects of the business that I would not have been able to otherwise. I know that after completing my internship at PFS Logistics that I have learned a lot regarding the mass operations of the company and the problems that they face every day. I am grateful for my experience here and hope to come back and gain additional experience in other departments.