Transformational Environment

Over the course of my internship, I have noticed that transformational leadership is encouraged here. From the upper most senior levels, to the interns, leaders and followers work together in a relationship, all working towards a common goal. Personally, I have experienced this through the responsibilities which I have been given.  When I am presented with a task or challenge, it feels as if I am working together with my supervisors to benefit the organization in some way. My tasks and responsibilities are not to test my competency or to receive some type of award.  I have noticed this all throughout the organization. Leaders work together with their followers in order to get things done efficiently, while creating an environment where employees are encouraged to speak up with their ideas and take on leadership roles when possible.

My most recent experience with this type of leadership took place when I was asked to organize three separate senior walks through East Harlem. I was presented with the task of mapping out walks through the neighborhood with senior centers in East Harlem to view the various street art and murals that grace the surrounding buildings. My supervisors trusted me with this responsibility and we worked together to choose which murals and routes would be best for certain sites. Thus far, the walks have been a great success. It never felt as if the responsibilities given to me were some type of test. Rather, it felt as if my supervisors were looking for my help and input to ensure that our events ran smoothly. These experiences have proved to me the importance of creating an environment where transformational leadership is promoted and encouraged. When employees are working together with their superiors, things get done efficiently and well. I do not believe that anyone benefits when employees view tasks as a test or an opportunity to be rewarded. Seeing these theories exist in a workplace has highlighted the effects of different leadership styles.