2 weeks to go–super smooth week keeps morale afloat

This past week of camp (Week 7) was by far the best group this summer. Luckily I found my groove with cooking again so everything in the kitchen went smoothly. The kids were energetic upon arrival, counselors were well rested from the weekend. I think starting off on the right foot made it easy to have a fun week. It’s amazing how much the campers’ enthusiasm can shape the staffs’. Week to week I have noticed the energy from the moment the kids/counselors step out of the van. The leader/follower relationship in terms of counselors to campers is a layered complex relationship that I have consciously thought about  throughout my time here. Personally my biggest struggle with the counselor/camper relationship is when there is a camper who seems to make it their mission to defy every instruction you tell them. I have dealt with a couple of similar situations  throughout the summer and have been thinking introspectively in terms of how I deal with these campers and how/why I let myself get annoyed. I have progressed significantly with these problem children and now although I still get a bit aggravated I am able to reserve these angry feelings and figure out the situation in the most calm and respectful way I can. 

The leader/follower relationship between counselors to Danny (owner), Rosie (manager), and Andy (manager) is unique with each individual pairing. However the general consensus directs to an overall liking and cooperative relationship with Rosie. She’s kind, straight up, and really relaxed which attracts the same kind of behavior from all of the staff. Danny, the owner is a little sporadic and usually busy on the phone or something. When he does come around it is usually to critique situations so individual counselor really has a strong personal relationship with him. However this is fine considering it is a work environment and he has to maintain an heir of authority (which could easily be undermined considering his napoleon features). Last but not least is Andy who seems to have the deepest connections with all the counselors. He provides comedic relief and genuine care for us which is respected on a level beyond the workplace by the majority of us. Andy however can get angry quickly in which case it is best to avoid him. On days when he is flipping out no one can stand him,  but we wait until the funny/charismatic personality slowly creeps back out under the thick layer of rage. 

All in all this was a breezy week with good food, good fun, and busloads of happy campers at the end of the week.