Casual Productivity

The organizational culture at Preferred Freezer Services varies in each department, but generally speaking it is a low-stress, “get your job done” type of environment. Employees are trusted to complete the tasks which they are responsible for, and little to no supervision and oversight is taken to enforce/strengthen that. What reinforces the productivity in the office is the need for work to be done so that others can continue with their work. In other words, sales need to get customers, the warehouses need to be stocked, the loads need to be delivered, the product needs to be weighed, the information needs to be recorded, sent to the corporate office, and the bill needs to be sent out and paid. Every step in that process requires the completed work from an employee in a different office and department. In order for me to do my job, I need everybody to have already done theirs so that I can send out the bill and finish the transaction. If one person decides to slack off, it directly effects the jobs of multiple people, so in that regard everybody is very accountable of their actions.

Since documents are frequently transferred to other departments and offices the communication framework must be clear and organized. Most communication is done through Microsoft Outlook and over the phone. Every contact and conversation is recorded and stored for reference as many orders that I deal with are months old and they would be impossible to bill otherwise.

Interactions between coworkers and supervisors are very casual and friendly. The office I work in has successfully made the office environment a productive space where people can still be themselves and not have to act professional all the time. It is a comforting feeling to know that everybody in the office likes to chat and take the edge off with each other. Many of the employees have been here for ten years plus, so many of the relationships are very strong. Overall, everybody is friendly and nice to talk to, responsible and accountable of their own work, and not requiring of constant supervision from their managers.