Catch me in the LA Times

I can’t believe that this week was my last week at Sotheby’s. I was able to present my intern project in front of the Senior Leadership Team and the rest of the companies in the building (Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Better Homes & Gardens, etc.) This was one of my two major projects I was tasked with this summer. My presentation was an overview of the marketing campaign, “Only” that was launched May 15th, just 18 days before I began my internship. Based on that campaign, Sotheby’s created a 96-page ad campaign that went to every single LA Times subscriber both in print and on the website. It attracted over 30 million views online, and the average viewing time was 21 minutes. I was tasked with overseeing the edits that were to be made to this first insert, and organizing them to make sure they were seen to completion. Some examples of edits that were scheduled to be made were a table of contents, organizing the properties by region, and streamlining the format of the pages so that our affiliate pages matched with our company owned pages for a more seamless look. I helped with communicating what edits needed to be made by who and by when. These edits will be seen when the ad campaign is launched again in September. 

As a different form of contribution, I was asked at the end by my boss what I have seen as a leadership student regarding her leadership style and the general operations of the office. I referred to my earlier blog posts about the various topics that I wrote about and told her how different leadership theories applied to the office and how she could apply others to her style. One of the biggest things I told her about was LMX and how her personal relationships with those in the office really do make a difference in everyone under her’s life and work. It was great to be able to let her know the reason why her actions had a profound impact on those she worked closely with and also there is a reason why some people in the office may not respond to those kind of personal relationships in the workplace.