Personal Contributions at Tierney

Tierney prides itself on giving their interns real work to complete for clients. Therefore, I’ve had various opportunities to submit work for clients.

Thus far, I have primarily worked on two clients, Independence Blue Cross, and Takeda. I have been working on a deck for a competitive audit for IBC that will be presented right before I leave for school. Along with the deck for the audit, I have been tasked with creating the V.O. for the presentation based on my research. Every week, I meet with the Director of Account Management and she gives me feedback on the presentation and what I can continue to develop.

For Takeda, I have been helping with the relaunch of a website for resources about the abuse of stimulants for studying. With this project, I have to create workorders for our creative team, submit documents to the client for review, and summarize any changes that need to be made.

Finally, as I’ve mentioned before, all of the interns work on a summer-long project in teams and present to our client at the end of the summer. I have taken on an extremely organizational role and made sure our team has stayed on schedule. I also primarily create the deck, construct our strategy, and create merchandise.

Most of the observations and perspectives I’ve shared have been in relation to the intern project. Especially after taking classes that discussed conflict resolution and group work, I was able to share helpful insight as we started our project. At the beginning, our team had a lot of ideas that we wanted to share with each other, but it was difficult to focus ourselves and narrow which direction we wanted to go. I proposed that we hold a brainstorm session where we would use post-it notes and place them on the wall. We would then organize the notes based on priority of what we wanted to accomplish, what most addressed what the client wanted, and what could potentially be left in the appendix of the presentation. This allowed us to create a clear direction for our project while allowing everyone to share their opinions and ideas.