LMX Theory in the Office

When thinking about the variety of theories that could be attributed to Now What Research, LMX theory slipped my mind. However, this was an oversight as this is the most applicable theory to my internship. LMX theory is the concept that the strongest leaders that foster the strongest leader and follower relationships are those that create relationships with their followers to foster a natural exchange with them. This follows the idea that creating and maintaining connections with followers and leaders will inspire us to be more driven and to work harder.

This was personified within my first few days at Now What Research. On the first day, I was already invited to coffee and lunch individually by my co-workers. This was a less professional outlet to let me to get to know every one in the office and create relationships on a deeper level. This continued throughout my first two weeks until I had gone to lunch with everyone. This allowed me to approach more colleagues and to feel more comfortable to ask questions. Additionally, in line with LMX Theory, I was more motivated to deliver my best work as I had begun to admire their work and want to impress them by doing the same.

This did not end when the lunches did. This extends to the every day life at the office. Due to the open floor plan, I am constantly able to easy connect with those that I work with. Being able to see their relationships face to face every day inspires me to work harder and stay later to make sure the project I am completely is my very best work. Additionally, I have never begun a meeting without being asked about my day, my week, and my plans for the weekend. I feel that I know my co-workers on a friendship level that pushes me seek to impress them to deepen this relationship. LMX theory fits perfectly into the work culture of Now What Research.