Unpermitted buildings…County takes my job away

We are in week five of camp and the property looks like Fyre festival. Eagle county representatives arrived not more than two weeks ago and shut down many of our unpermitted structures including the children’s bunks (where we lived as well), the kitchen (my main job), bathrooms/showers, and two shaded pavilions. Consequently we have been forced to live in tents for the rest of the summer, use Porta Potties, and take out several of our activities due to safety precautions set by the county officials. It has taken a toll on the staff without a doubt. However we are adjusting and figuring out how to navigate our new situation this week with the most kids we have had this summer.

My main job this summer was to cook/lead cooking crews for every meal. After four weeks I was finally getting comfortable with everything from food orders to food prep time to proportions. Unfortunately the kitchen didn’t meet the codes set by the county so we have resorted to catering every meal. As my original job has been stripped away I have to take up counselor duties again such as leading activities. 

My personal contribution now is more along the lines of creating activities I can do with the kids which I enjoy as well. This week I have taken up fishing and working out/hacky sack. As leading activities isn’t my favorite part of being here I am finding ways to work with the situation and adapt. Regardless being in the high rockies for the summer is a blessing. I have been able to visit Moab, raft the Roaring Fork River, and test the food and drinks in the valley.