What I Bring to the Table…

One of my first reflections was my personal contribution paper earlier in my internship, and it is interesting to reflect on some of my other contributions as the time has progressed. Since my internship is more than six weeks long, I intend to complete more than six reflections, and complete another theories in action reflection closer to the end. Moreover, as it pertains to my personal contributions since my previous posting, I have made more strides and have completed several important projects.


In the past two weeks, I have been charged with updating databases with the names and account information of advisors and their clients on the company website. Although my team believed it would take me a longer period of time to complete this project than they initially anticipated, I completed the updated database in one sitting during one of my mornings at my office. I realized that, with my understanding of the organizational culture and how my team utilizes technology to increase awareness of relationships across the company, I was able to create an optimized list. Although I do not know many of the advisors that my team asked me to place on the list, I used the company website that holds all of the comments and previous call information with the advisors to form opinions on who is favorable and least favorable to talk with regarding company happenings.


Most of the interactions that occur between employees and advisors are regarding assistance on company products and Lincoln technologies to deliver results to their clients, so relationships are extremely important in that regard. With my spreadsheet, I realized that I was able to offer a quick, easy, organized way for employees to work on relationships that may not be as strong, and make those that are already strong even better for the future of Lincoln. With that said, upon my completion of the spreadsheet, I was affirmed almost instantly by my coworkers via email that my project was extremely helpful, and will be used long after I am finished this summer- which was great to hear. With all of this completed, I know I have made a positive change on my team and therefore, contributed to the greater success and goals of Lincoln Financial Network.


Finally, I have been able to identify some opportunities upon the end of my internship that I would like to secure that will allow me to contribute to specific Lincoln programs and events. I would like to continue interacting interpersonally with Lincoln advisors, as I did previously at the Advisor Conference in my office a few weeks back, because I know that if I can get in front of anyone, I can form positive relationships and reflect well on Lincoln’s brand. In general, I would prefer more interaction with people, as I know that is my strong suit. I will make sure to speak with members of my team to further ensure this goal is completed and met!