Program, after program, after program

This week has been a really busy week. But at the same time, very fulfilling. I had a lot of responsibility this week — even more than I typically do. I was asked to co-facilitate two Partnership for the Future programs and put together the materials for our Workplace Inclusion Network program. I also attend the LGBTQ Health Summit, which took place on VCU’s campus.

June 25th and June 28th – Partnership for the Future Program

Partnership for the Future prepares local high school students by giving them access to college prep courses, personal development workshops, one-on-one counseling, and college savings-plan incentives. Additionally, several community partners help PFF in this mission. We currently have a PFF intern who I am responsible for supervising through her internship. 

It was very humbling to facilitate both VCIC programs with my co-worker Jacque. Emma Barone, the College Success Manager emailed VCIC when planning for this program and spoke highly of me and my involvement last year when I facilitated a program for them. Therefore they asked that they bring me back this summer for these programs. At the end of the program this year, she provided me with her contact information and wants to talk about future post-graduate opportunities with PFF. This was very exciting for me because I do have a desire to work with high school students in the future. 

Following these programs, I made a suggestion that they continue to bring an intern or college volunteer with them, as it seems like the students are more engaged and eager to ask about the college experience.

June 26th – Workplace Inclusion Network Bus Trip

The Workplace Inclusion Network Series is really impactful. How does it work? Several corporations and organizations in Richmond donate money to VCIC to support our mission and in return, we host the WIN series. For the WIN programs, based on the amount of money an organization donates, they are able to send a certain amount of their employees to take part in the program. 

Yesterday, we took a group of professionals to the African American Museum of History and Culture. They were tasked with exploring the museum and brainstorming ways they could use this experience to make their workplaces more inclusive. For this trip, Jacque tasked me with putting together all the program materials, which included the program itinerary, museum maps, and information about our catering. I was responsible for logistics like coordinating with the bus company to make sure they had the detail they needed, following up with the museum to ensure that our group had everything we needed to get in, etc. 

On the trip, I was able to connect with many of our participants and have meaningful conversations about workplace inclusion. They all spoke about how well the trip was, how much fun they had, and how much they learned. It is very satisfying to carry out a successful program that the participants found meaningful and helpful.


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  • July 11, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    It is no surprise that you are right in the mix, facilitating sessions, planning impactful trips, etc. That is wonderful. Having past experience with VCIC is likely helpful as you have such a good sense of the organization and of course, they have a very good sense of your abilities. Sounds like you made a great connection at PFF and I imagine that it was really interesting to experience the WIN trip, with representatives from different kinds of organizations attending.

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