Getting Out of the Office

I’m not sure if “personal contributions” is the correct category for this, but I and another intern were given a big job last week in the form of college fairs. We were responsible for traveling to the fairs, finding the location, setting up, being able to answer questions, and generally run a successful table at two (for me) college fairs.

The first fair was at Longwood University for Girl’s State. The fair started at 1:30 so we left Richmond at 10:00. We were informed to get there about an hour to fourty-five minutes early, which is why we left so early. We took the admissions car, which is a struggling Prius that we enjoyed making fun of. Once we got there we stopped for lunch and then headed to the fair. The signs for where to park and where to go were pretty unclear- as in there really weren’t any. We struggled for a while to find the location, but were eventually able to, still being there the correct amount of time early. The fair went well, though it was pretty tiring.

The next fair was at Radford University for Boy’s State, which was a bit longer of a drive. It started at 3:00, however, so we still left at 10:00 that day. The layout of the day was about the same as the previous day, with us having quite a lot of trouble finding the location we needed to be in. As far as talking to prospective students I felt the second fair maybe went better than the first, but that could also be because I knew more of what to expect and what kinds of questions to expect as well.

The impact of both of these fairs was hopefully helpful for my internship location. In my opinion both are great locations and programs, both for us to give students information and for students to hopefully figure out where they want to go to school. I was very excited to be able to do the college fairs and I had a great time at both of them. It was pretty incredible that the office had the faith in us to essentially run our portion of the college fair. I hope we made them proud.

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  • July 11, 2019 at 11:39 am

    It is great that the admissions staff was confident in you and your fellow intern’s ability. Would be interested to know approximately how many students you spoke with at each event, the primary nature of the questions they asked, etc. Did you feel that being a current student at UR enabled you to offer a different perspective than, say, an admissions counselor might be able to provide (particularly if the counselor is NOT a UR graduate)? You might elaborate more on some of the details. Do you think you’ll pursue the opportunity to attend other fairs in the future?

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