Two Weeks in Review

Walking into my first day as an intern for the New York Road Runners, I was extremely excited to take my first step along a career path which I am extremely passionate about. However, along with the excitement were the nerves that I consistently feel when faced with meeting new people and entering an unfamiliar environment. I was anxious to make a positive first impression on my supervisor and the rest of the team. My nerves were quickly put at ease once I met most of the team and obtained a general sense of the environment and culture of the organization. Everyone seemed genuinely excited to have me join the team and looked forward to getting to know me better.

My intern position is within the Youth and Community Services division of NYRR. More specifically, I am working with the Striders, a program focused on providing free opportunities for senior citizens within the five boroughs of New York City to get active and live a healthy lifestyle. We organize walks and races at many different senior centers and parks throughout New York City. It became clear to me that my direct supervisor has been faced with the challenge of doing a lot of the work for this department, as it is relatively new and does not receive copious funding or government assistance. I was happy to discover that I would be of much needed assistance this summer and able to help my supervisors make a difference in the community.

After the first 2 weeks of my internship, I am excited about how my leader/follower relationships with my supervisors have developed. Along with the rest of the organization, my supervisors have done an awesome job of making everything feel like a team effort. They have never seemed intimidating and are constantly looking for my input and opinions on decisions that will a direct impact on our department and the community. After my first week, I was asked to substitute for a coach at senior centers in Brooklyn and Queens, where I led groups of senior citizens on a walk through their neighborhoods. This responsibility showed me that the leader/follower relationships with my supervisors were off to a great start and that they believed me to be capable of handling these kinds of tasks. My experience has been awesome thus far and I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the summer!


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  • July 17, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Sounds like a really welcoming environment and that there will be great opportunities to contribute. However, I ask that you read the prompt for each reflection before writing. You don’t really address three of the items included in the ‘leader/follower relationship’ prompt as requested, though you mention that you’ve been asked to offer input on decisions.

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