Two Contributions

At my internship I have contributed in two main ways. The first pertains to a project I have been working on for the past 3 weeks, which revolves around examining account reconciliations against trial balances and ensuring that each account has submitted the necessary files. The second way I contribute to the company is by completing minor assignments during the week that are requested of me by either the CFO, Corporate Controller, or another financial analyst. Most of these tasks are relatively simple, involving double checking data to ensure its accuracy, or accumulating small sets of data about random projects the company is undertaking.


In regard to the first way I contribute, Justrite Safety Group is the name of the entire company, however there are multiple separate accounts or companies within Justrite Safety Group. Therefore, I have had to go through each account and mark off which aspects of the account reconciliations have been submitted in comparison to their submitted trial balances. Further, if an account is missing a document, I have to reach out to the account manager and request the data. My supervisor, the corporate controller, has only been at Justrite three weeks longer than myself, therefore gathering the information needed has been difficult as it is spread throughout various accounts or locations. This has lead me to making suggestions to help achieve stronger organization and efficiency within the corporate accounts. About half of the accounts were on the Sharepoint site that I was initially using to examine the account reconciliations, therefore I have had to email each account manager directly to have them forward me the account reconciliations and rollforwards. I sought out Sergio, a financial analyst who also handles all of the technological and organizational aspects of the corporate accounts, and he let me know that was a similar issue he had when doing my assignment months ago. Additionally, a newly acquired account was not in Sharepoint which was causing difficulty for analysts throughout the corporate office. As a result, Sergio created an entire new set of folders within Sharepoint that should facilitate the upload and attainment of necessary data for all throughout the company. The only dilemma is ensuring that each company uploads their data on time and in its entirety, which is part of what my larger assignment is.

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  • July 25, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Wow, sounds like a pretty significant undertaking; just trying to solicit and track information from so many sources. Good that you’ve found a colleague (Sergio) who has been able to help you in terms of putting some of your ideas about organization into action. When I think of trying to keep up with all the interns, get all the forms, keep up with all the reflections…it is not dissimilar to this significant task you’ve been charged with:)

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