Queen of Travel Packs

This past week at my internship was filled with loads of preparation for programs we are hosting in Hong Kong and New York. A large part of my role is creating travel and biography packs for students who are attending our events. This information can vary from embassy information to local tourist destinations and social scenes. Although I do have specific guidelines that I have to follow when making packs, I believe that I have started to make them my own.

At first, this task was mainly copying and pasting information that was already prepared for me. After a while, however, I have been able to shape the packs into what I have found to be useful pieces of information for people travelling abroad. As the youngest individual on my team, I believe that my ability to connect with the college students is a great addition to the organization. For the past few weeks, I have been given more room to share ideas on what kind of information I believe would be relevant and appealing to students who participate in our programs. Although this may seem minor, I am learning how to work independently- without constant supervision and advice. I am doing better at using my own judgement when completing tasks.

I believe my ability to learn quickly and trust myself has been beneficial to my team. During my first week, I was constantly trying to make sure that I was mirroring the way that my supervisor made travel packs. I did not realize that it was okay for me to insert information that I thought was important. I have shown that I can be efficient, and have made the work that I do my own. I believe that I have also shown that even without being under constant supervision, I am able to stick to guidelines while putting my own input on everything that I work on. In my eyes, my self sufficiency, independence, and ability to catch on quickly has enabled my supervisors to trust my judgement. In consequence, they are also able to complete their own work without having to check in on me often.

One thought on “Queen of Travel Packs

  • July 10, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Good to hear that you are hitting your stride and feeling comfortable putting your thumb print on things. I would imagine that – as a current college student – there are things that you would identify as important/relevant to include in participate packets that others (even those just a few years out of college) would not; that is definitely beneficial for the organization. More importantly, it’s good to hear that the organization has supported you in making the work your own, enhancing the participant packets, and sharing your ideas/insights.

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