First Week Improvements

In my first week at Northwestern Mutual, I started off a bit slow and started to pick things up on Wednesday and Thursday. My job is to create my own client base from my network and natural market, so it’s mostly emailing, texting, and calling people to gauge their interest in financial planning advice. There are certain numbers of dials and meetings that we need to hit, so I’ve been working long hours to make sure I’m putting in a full effort. This week, I plan to call people every day from 4-6 to catch them on the way home from work. Hopefully, this should lead to more meetings being scheduled.

So far, I have already learned a lot in sales and in financial planning in ways that a classroom can not accomplish. The experience of this job will translate to any work environment, as well as any social environment. Overcoming social anxieties is one of the key skills at Northwestern Mutual, and that can only be achieved through experience and rejection. I look forward to trying even harder this week to hit my numbers, now that I feel I have a stronger grasp on my purpose.

One thought on “First Week Improvements

  • June 20, 2019 at 1:37 pm

    Sounds like challenging work and that it requires a certain temperament to pursue this line of work. I’m glad that you feel you’ve already learned a good deal on site that you would not be able to learn in a classroom, etc. Again, not sure that this reflection really addresses the elements of the solving problems/improving leadership prompt (make sure to read the prompt for each category as you are writing your reflection). Also, like your first reflection, this is short of the 350 word minimum. We want to make certain you have enough substantive material captured in these reflections to complete the academic requirements (for internship) this fall.

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