Dependent Independence

At my work site, the culture is one of dependent independence. The whole success of the organization is dependent upon the independent actions of its employees. Most of the work is done individually, with little collaboration in the finance department. However, if there is a question, the group will ask one another and will help each other. Having said this, certain individuals embrace helping their peers more than others and are more willing or attentive in helping a struggling coworker. As a result, there is more of a competitive, independent nature within the employees of the office, but there is also recognition that their communal success is dependent upon the success of each individual.

In regard to how individuals interact with each other, it is much more of a formal nature, with relatively awkward or forced informal attempts at times. I have noticed that the finance department has more of this formal attitude or informal awkwardness, however other departments within the office, such as HR or marketing, tend to be more informal and sociable. The finance department definitely operates as a team, however their interactions are strongly based on necessity and not necessarily a desire to get along with one another. There is not acrimony at all, but there is also not an overt desire to get to know one another or be extra friendly. They have more of a business mindset and maintain more formal business interactions rather than a desire to see their co-workers succeed or get to know them outside of work.

Continuing from this leads to a weakness I see within the organization. I believe a stronger team atmosphere and desire for each other’s success would lead to a more efficient and effective workplace. The workplace is successful as is, however there is very little energy within it. It does not have any robustness or a positive buzz to it, therefore people are working solely from necessity and care solely about the ends rather than the means to getting there. For example, if there was a more positive and energetic atmosphere in the workplace I believe people would work harder, strive to help each other more, and be happier at work resulting in a clearer mind and stronger work productivity.

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  • June 14, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    Seems that with more time under your belt, you’ve started to identify differences between departments as well as possible challenges. Might be interesting to consider whether the nature of the different departments (finance versus human resources) draws different kinds of individuals (with different styles) or whether the nature of the work in each requires different kinds of leadership styles? That might be good insights in terms of writing your academic paper this fall. Certainly there is research that shows a more engaging, relational environment can lead to greater productivity (as you assert).

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