Personal Contributions Week 1

I was not sure what to expect my first week working for Johnathan Mayo.  He calls himself a “serial entrepreneur” and is currently juggling five different companies (Avail Marketing, Mama J’s Restaraunt, Crow Cookies, Team Excel, and Serving Up Change).  When I interviewed and discussed what I would be doing, Johnathan said that I would primarily be working with Team Excel developing content and helping them market their new direction to colleges.  He told me that if I was interested in anything to just let him know, and I could be a part of it.  Although I expected to do mostly Team Excel work, I have a lot of other responsibilities relating to Johnathan’s other companies as well.  My first week on the job, I have begun creating a student handbook/manual/organizer for all the kids that will use Team Excel this fall.  I have combined staying organized with setting and achieving goals, which is a big component of the Team Excel curriculum.  In addition to just the calendar, I have created worksheets and other educational content that will go in the manual as well.  I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading blogs about goal setting for kids by teachers and psychologists. My boss is a very hands-on guy and has ideas about everything, which has been very interesting.  When I first showed him my original design for the planner (which he gave me free rein over) he was a little resistant because he had a different idea in his head.  Once we talked about it and I explained the concept behind my designs, he was a lot more open and agreed my design made more sense. I added some of his ideas too, and it made the final product a lot more meaningful.  Because I work at a very small company, I get to work on very big, important projects. It has been really cool to use the information I have learned from my minor (Education and Society) to work for a cause I am passionate about.  On top of my Team Excel work, I have also done a few things I was not expecting to do like bake a batch of cookies in Crow Cookies’ commercial kitchen and work a booth at the Broad Appetit festival.  Johnathan asks me for ideas and opinions all the time, which is so cool as an intern. He actually listens to my advice and looks into things I suggest.  Going forward, I want to get more involved in marketing.  To do that, I will ask Johnathan about developing more of the content on the college side, which we have to have in place before we can start marketing the new angle.  Overall, my first week was so amazing, and I have loved everything I’ve done so far.

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  • July 31, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    Wow, it sounds like you were able to jump right in and work on really substantive projects. So good to hear that your supervisor was open to listen to your design concept and recognize that your plan was worth pursuing…and good that you found ways to integrate his concepts/ideas too. Sounds like you are really getting a very varied experience, with exposure to lots of different areas, and that your supervisor is open to really tailoring the experience to meet your learning desires/outcomes.

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