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After finishing my first week at Now What Research, it is already beginning to feel like a perfect fit for a long-term profession. I walked in to my own desk, new laptop, a kitchen stocked with all my favorite foods, and an incredibly welcoming group of co-workers. I have been meeting with co-workers for lunch where we discuss interests, how they like their jobs, and where I could fit in on some of the projects they are working on. The first two days started slow, however now I have so much work that my Sunday has turned into a work day.

The first project I was assigned to was working with Hershey’s Chocolates. Hershey’s is asking Now What to research the future of snacking. This has been a longitudinal study over the past three years, which is really interesting to look back on previous decks that they have presented on. My task was to go through six exercises of a Case Study and take notes on major themes that I have found. Surprisingly, snacking has changed over the years. It is less so surrounding fulfilling hunger and more used as means to decrease anxiety or everyday depression. I proposed this idea and the team loved it. I am now writing a proposal to send to Hershey’s and present on next month.

The next major project I am working on is for Facebook. Facebook wants to get more influencers to use the Stories option. Therefore, I am taking notes in meetings as we research the reasoning behind the less involvement on Facebook versus that of Instagram. It is interesting to hear about the small things that seem to make a big difference in the marketing world.

The last project that I am working on, and my favorite case, is research for the Ovarian Cancer Research company. They are having a lot of trouble getting research funds. Breast cancer is very “sexy” and easy to create funding projects for. However, ovarian cancer is less in the spotlight as is breast cancer yet creates similar feelings for women. They feel less feminine and not a woman. Therefore, we are researching the reasons behind the donations and ways to advance donations. Thus far, I am loving the projects I have jumped on and really appreciate how much the company seems to value their employees.


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  • June 19, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    Sounds like it has been really engaging thus far and that you’ve had the opportunity to work on substantive projects and share your insights (and they’ve been well received). There is a sentence in the last paragraph (‘ovarian cancer is more cancer yet…’) that is a bit awkward; not sure if you left a word out there? Wasn’t exactly sure what you were saying. I’ll be interested to hear more as your team works on the ovarian cancer issue – what you find, strategies you suggest, etc.

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