Planning A Financial Future

At Northwestern Mutual, financial planning is a way to help people secure their future goals and dreams. However, many potential clients are understandably skeptical of the company’s intention. Client acquisition requires a gentle, personal, and honest form of leadership that leads consumers to a decision that is their own. As an employee of a large business, people will always question motives. As an intern, people will also question my expertise. These obstacles can only be overcome if I am straightforward, friendly, and transparent in my interactions. In order to grow my network and persuade professionals to sort through their financial needs, I have to use the skills of leadership.

The practice of financial planning can be extremely rewarding. Full time financial advisers at Northwestern Mutual have lifelong relationships helping their clients as their needs change throughout their careers. I feel lucky to be in the position to help people grow their wealth, pay student loans, insure their families, save for retirement, and develop comprehensive financial plans. My goal is to deliver long term security and peace of mind to my clients, bringing real value to the world and advancing my career and leadership ability in the process. My first real day of work is tomorrow, so I am excited to be in the office and get started with my mission.

One thought on “Planning A Financial Future

  • June 20, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    Very thoughtful acknowledgement about individual’s reservations and the nimble way in which financial advisers need to navigate such reservations. Demonstrates you’ve gotten a handle on challenges within the industry. Not exactly sure that this addresses items in the solving problems/improving leadership prompt; in some ways you talk about elements here that are part of the organizational culture prompt. Also, this reflection is well short of the 350 word minimum. We want to make certain you have enough substantive material captured in these reflections to complete the academic requirements (for internship) this fall. But thoughtful insights.

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