Page of old book. French encyclopedia

Page of old book. French encyclopedia

How will my thinking and learning be evaluated?
            The final grade in this course will be based on each student’s ability to draw and defend conclusions based upon historical knowledge (not just facts, but arguments drawn from historical evidence), and to think and write about, as well as to pursue research on historical problems relevant to the topic of absolutism in France.
Your written work (with explanatory rubrics of learning goals) and classroom contributions will be the basis for this assessment that center on the following items:

  1. Your contributions to discussion and regular attendance at class meetings
  2. An essay on absolutism drawing on historical documents due September 22nd
  3. An expository essay on Voltaire or Graffigny due November 10th
  4. A literature review and oral presentation of your independent research
  5. A reflective and summative final, scheduled for Tuesday, December 8th

Each of these items will carry equal weight (20%) in the final calculation of your grade.

            Grades reflect the quality of the work you submit in a timely manner. They are not based on effort. Rubrics and evaluation sheets will be circulated along with the guidelines for each graded assignment. I do this so you can understand and follow the criteria used to evaluate your work.

A = Outstanding work, exceptional in quality, free from errors, showing independent thought and original insights while remaining true to evidence.

B = Very good work, strong in quality, some minor errors, may show independent thought and original insight while remaining true to evidence.

C = Average work, acceptable quality with several errors, may address the goals of the assignment only in part, may misinterpret, falsely represent, or ignore the evidence.

D = Below average work, may be filled with errors or incomplete, not addressing the goals of the assignment; the work makes claims without any reference to evidence.

F = Unacceptable work, missing assignments, work turned in late without explanation or with any Honor Code violation.