October 2015

Discussion Questions for Wednesday’s Class 10/28

Posted by on October 27, 2015 in Questions for discussion

1) “… [a philosopher] takes as true that which is true, as false that which is false, as doubtful that which is doubtful, and as probably that which is only probable. He goes further – and here is a great perfection of the philosopher – when he has no proper motive for judging, he remains undecided.” Form […]

Questions for Monday’s Class, October 26th

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1) Steinbrugge quotes “the recognition of children as people in their own right also contributed to a new understanding of the maternal role.” Graffigny also mentions the role of children within the family and their expectations. During the Enlightenment period, how was the role of the child changing and what effect did this have on […]

Questions for Wednesday’s Class, October 21st

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1. Why would Graffigny portray French society and manners in such a negative way? What affect would this have on the French population at the time? What have we learned about French society that would lend to her descriptions? 2. What new opportunities were made available to women through these salons? How did this affect […]

Questions for Monday’s Class 10/19

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1. In his article, Porter discusses the transition into a period of significant literature production and dispersion and he notes some of the benefits, as well as some concerns people had about this. Going off of that and based on the rest of his article, do you think the presented problem at the end, that […]