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Careers in Health Psychology

On Monday, two women came in to discuss their experiences in the health psychology field: Ebony Lambert and Dr. Olbirsch. I thought it was incredibly insightful to hear about two people in two very different places in their education and … Continue reading

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Class Overview

Before entering this course, I knew virtually nothing about the field of health psychology. In fact, I was simply taking this class as a way to satisfy a higher-level psychology credit. However, after taking this course, my perspective has vastly … Continue reading

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BMI, Obesity, and Kidney Transplants

Dr. Heather Gardiner from Temple University discussed her research on BMI as being a factor in a patient’s eligibility for a kidney transplant. She explained how kidney disease affects more than 200,000 people per year. With kidney disease, patients are administered dialysis. … Continue reading

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Ch 14 and 15 with epilogue

In Chapter 14, the researchers outlined the health issues that could arise from traumas of war. They emphasized that stress is a good thing for one’s health until the body cannot settle back down and keeps revving up; that is … Continue reading

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Ch 12 & 13

Chapter 12 outlined the effects one’s social network had on their longevity. They found that those who felt loved and cared for did not make them live longer. Additionally, somewhat contradictory, those who had a larger social network lived longer … Continue reading

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Chapter 10 & 11

Chapter 10 evaluated the effects of stress, success, and satisfaction in one’s career to the effect on how long you live. They found that those who were “successful” in their careers but as well as happy with their jobs lived … Continue reading

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Ch 8 & 9

In chapter 8, the researchers analyzed the effects of exercise on health. Termites were analyzed on a MET scale. They found that Termites that were active children grew up to be active adults. Fairly universally, Termites decreased in physical activity … Continue reading

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Ch 6 and 7: Early Life

In Chapter 6, they focused on the early life of children and how that affects their life-span. They found that breastfeeding helped early on with infant health but had little impact on long-term life. Additionally, starting school at an early age … Continue reading

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A Depressing Contradiction

To begin with, I believe that Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 contradict themselves. In Chapter 4, the researchers claim that those that are more optimistic than their somber peers die sooner. Then, in the following chapter, they claim that those that … Continue reading

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CH 2 & 3: What makes you live longer?

In Chapters 2 and 3, they focus in on two traits: conscientiousness and sociability. They found that children and adults that are more conscientious live longer than those that are not. They protect their health more, are biologically predisposed to … Continue reading

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