Ch 8 & 9

In chapter 8, the researchers analyzed the effects of exercise on health. Termites were analyzed on a MET scale. They found that Termites that were active children grew up to be active adults. Fairly universally, Termites decreased in physical activity as they far older. Overall, as one can guess, being healthy and exercising has been found to be very important in life longevity. In summary, the chapter found that while exercise is important, it is also important to not waste your life on exercise on activities you do not enjoy. I found this very relevant to my life. In my journals, I am working towards going to the gym more to increase my exercise. Yet, I am also a horseback rider. I am not one who enjoys the gym but I do love being an equestrian. Horseback riding is not a very active sport, yet it does involve a lot of leg and core strength. Therefore, when I go to the gym, that is what I focus on. By working towards an activity I truly enjoy, exercise becomes less of a task and more a fun activity.

In Chapter 9, they discussed how marriage, remarriage, and divorce are attributed to longevity. They found, through a Social Readjustment Rating Scale, that divorced men lived far less than married men while remarried men lived longer than divorced men but not as long as those steadily married. Married women lived longer than those who were divorced or remarried yet they found that┬ábeing divorced was not as harmful to women than it was for men. They hypothesized that the stress of divorce resulted in long-term effects. I found it very surprising that women were able to overcome this stress and still live a long life. Perhaps women are just more independent than men and therefore don’t need to rely on a spouse to be happy, healthy, and survive.

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