CH 2 & 3: What makes you live longer?

In Chapters 2 and 3, they focus in on two traits: conscientiousness and sociability. They found that children and adults that are more conscientious live longer than those that are not. They protect their health more, are biologically predisposed to be conscientious, and actually lead better lives. On the other hand, those that are more sociable do not live longer than those who are not.

These findings shocked me on a personal level. On both rankings, I am highly conscientious and highly sociable. I always thought that being conscientious was something that I should repress. I believed it made me look neurotic, anxious, or boring. Therefore, I channeled more of my sociable side. I try to outwardly be more outgoing and talkative. Now knowing these results, perhaps I shouldn’t hide my conscientious side. While I still do not believe that being sociable is a bad thing, maybe pairing it with a more “prudent” lifestyle would ultimately help me live a longer, happier lifestyle.

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