Case Study

The Bui Dam can define many of the negative aspects that are associated with the construction of dams.  Located in Ghana the Bui Dam, which is still being built, will threaten the surrounding environment.  The project's plan is to create a reservoir that would flood the river into forests, which comprises a portion of Bui National Park.  This park is home to an array of species along with some of the only groups of hippos left in Ghana and is considered the last pristine wilderness in the entire Volta System (WRF).


Figure One: Sino Hydro Corporation Logo

The construction company collaborating with the country of Ghana to build the project is Sino Hydro, a Chinese affiliated corporation. While China has built large dams in its past their ability to use efficient machinery and tactics that do not cause massive amounts of damage to the environment have yet to be seen. Along with hurting African wildlife, 2,600 individuals will be displaced while thousands more will face some of the problems that are associated with the construction of the dam.  Another problem the project faces is the company itself; Sino Hydro is also responsible for the construction of the Three Gorges Dam in China and many other dams that have used huge amounts of concrete to build the structures. Sino Hydro also seems not to have the interests of the individuals in mind, since millions of people in China and around the world were displaced with their dam building projects.  Though, their web site promoted a commitment to the local people by providing scholarships for local citizens and cultural events (Sino Hydro Corporation).