PBS NewsHour and Rap on Trial

Last night, PBS NewsHour ran a segment on a topic I’ve dedicated much of this blog to:  the growing use of rap lyrics in criminal trials.  I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for the piece, and I’m especially happy to have been involved because of how well it turned out.  I knew this story needed to be told visually to come alive, but also by a network that takes journalism seriously.  I think the producers at PBS (shout out to William Brangham and Saskia DeMelker) nailed it.

It’s about 10 minutes long, and although there’s always more to say, I think this provides an excellent overview of the issue and a balanced look at differing perspectives.  A big thanks to PBS for helping to keep this topic in the spotlight.

2 thoughts on “PBS NewsHour and Rap on Trial”

  1. Erik,
    Glad to see you’re pulling ahead. We still do not hire African-Americans in the English Department.

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