The section that I am interested in is the one that talks about theGreat Awakening; a religious revival that brought about the development of American evangelical Christianity. Reading this section of the book did give me a sense of hope for the salvation of the enslaved even though nothing could change the history. It surprises me that we needed a religion to remind us that everyone is equal and deserving. This section started off with George Whitefield, a clergy, who often addressed both white and black as a unit. He was aware about the spiritual needs of the African American in his ministry when these people were ignored of their spiritual sanctuary. This was followed by more worship, prayer and religious studies conducted outside the established church. It is very interesting to me that there were people who took the risk of being imprisoned by preaching in unauthorized locations in order to provide venues for the enslaved to practise their religion. Aside from this narrative of attempts by the Christian bodies to emancipate the enslaved, it is disheartening to realize that their fate relied heavily on those who were privileged and had power to go against the city of Richmond.