Podcast Episode 13: Thinking Critically- 4/22

Dr. Bezio talks about the Titanic as a system, made up of “flammable and sinkable” materials, that is run by humans. As we all know, they hit an iceberg and now the ship lies at the bottom of the ocean. Dr. Bezio goes into some of the issues in the way that they decided who got to live and who had to die, and how history isn’t completely honest about that. No one really talks about those who lived at the bottom of the ship or the two men of color on the boat, all of whom died. This is just one example of how people of color and those in lower classes and other minorities are affected much more by events like these than those in a position of privilege. We as Leadership Studies majors are fortunate to be in a position where we recognize these issues and are eager enough to try and figure out how we can work on them. We also are fortunate to have resources to learn how to effectively work on these issues.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 13: Thinking Critically- 4/22

  1. Miriam Gilman

    It is crazy to actually look back at any event with new knowledge and see it in a new light. This is similar to the discussion we had a couple classes ago about history and how it is usually told from the perspective of rich, white, men. I am glad that we are able to become aware of this as leadership students and begin to change the narrative.

  2. Caitlin Doyle

    I think it is really interesting to think about how those of minority and/or lower-income groups are not included in our accounts of history. It speaks to the idea that history is written mostly by white, rich men, and it is through this limited framework that we view history for the most part. In looking at historical moments, it is important to consider how these views impact how history was written.

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