Welcome Spring 2021

This is the class blog for Critical Thinking and Methods of Inquiry (LDST 250). During the spring semester of 2021, sections 01 & 02 (with Dr. Bezio) will use this blog to post reading response assignments.

Students should go to the “+New” tab for their post. The assignment for the Reading Responses may be found in the tabs above.

All readings and assignment sheets are available on our class Blackboard.

Jepson Philanthropy Institute

The Jepson Philanthropy Institute is a project begun by Dr. Flanigan in conjunction with LDST 250 in the spring of 2015. The students in the course researched charities and made evaluations of their effectiveness and whether or not the charities deserve donations. We will be continuing the project with our group GivingGames projects this year, with each group’s recommendations and findings being added to the site once complete.