Spring 2019 Courses Unavailable

Due to recent work on the Blackboard server, all spring 2019 courses were made unavailable. If the course was available prior to Monday evening, your course was impacted by the work. Professors will need to make their courses available to students again. Here is a link showing two different methods for making the course available: https://blog.richmond.edu/blackboard/2018/08/23/course-unavailable-to-students-message/

We regret the unintended consequences of the needed work and assure you that no additional work will be required on the system which will negatively impact the availability of your courses.

If you have any questions, please contact Blackboard support at blackboard@richmond.edu or by calling 287-6860.

Thank you,

Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Course Unavailable to Students Message

If you are seeing the message “Course Unavailable to Students” you can make the course available using the Qwickly module or by going into the course Control Panel -> Customization -> Properties and then make the course available.

Since all courses are being created without requests and some professors do not use Blackboard. Thus, all courses are created as Unavailable so professors can make the decision when to make the course available to students.

Browser Issue with Safari

The latest version of Safari causes problems uploading content to Blackboard. It is recommended that you use either Chrome or Firefox instead. This is a known issue with Blackboard, Inc. and will be resolved in a future release. If you have any questions, please contact blackboard@richmond.edu for support.

Email Messages from Blackboard

If you receive an email message from bbannounce@richmond.edu, DO NOT reply. This is a non-monitored email address. Please email your professor directly if the email comes from a course announcement.

Students showing in dropped courses

We are aware of students being in Blackboard courses that they have either dropped or not registered for and are attempting to address the issue. Please let us know if you are impacted by this at blackboard@richmond.edu and it is not addressed by the end of the day.

Thank you!

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