Due to recent changes in web browsers’ security settings for software updates, people cannot access UR Blackboard if they are using the most recent versions of Firefox (Mac and Windows, versions 31.8.0 ESR and 39.0). For more information on the details, you can search the Web for “Diffie-Hellman” or logjam in world technology news.

Currently, the best workaround is to use a different web browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, or MS IE). If you are on campus, you can use a campus public computer lab or the Boatwright Library computers as they are unaffected.

Please note that we will need a short outage of Blackboard at 3pm today to fix the problem. Please plan your UR Blackboard use accordingly so you will not be affected by the outage.  For example, please do not take an online test that will run over the 3pm window today!