1: All My Life I Had to Fight the Power: The never ending protest in Hip Hop Music Videos

Source: storymaps.arcgis.com “The Social Impact of Hip Hop Music on the US”

The music videos “Alright,” released in 2015, by Kendrick Lamar and “Fight the Power,” released in 1988, by Public Enemy, use traditional Hip Hop codes such as strategic music and sound sampling, and the illustration of an active, urban mise en scène to establish a position of power and emphasize the importance of Black solidarity when combating racism.

The main difference between these two music videos is the artistic approach. “Fight the Power” was created to be a Black activist anthem and the video is a simulated protest — it is a direct call to action. “Alright” on the other hand, is a reflection of Black inner-city life, showing the oppression and hardships in that community but also the life and joy that remains through community engagement. Both songs use music techniques such as close harmonies and excessive sample layering to convey unity and defiance.