1L Class Representatives

Please look to the outgoing 1L Representatives until the new Representatives are elected in Fall 2021.

Kelly Boppe

Undergraduate University: Virginia Tech

Hometown: Winchester, VA

Fun Fact: Kelly loves to hike! She even got the opportunity to hike an active volcano in Guatemala with some of her best friends!

Nick Corn

Undergraduate University: NC State University

Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC

Fun Fact: Nick hasn’t lost a thumb wrestling match since the first grade!

Ryan Dunn

Undergraduate University:  NC State University

Hometown: Benson, North Carolina

Fun Fact: Ryan’s eyes are two different colors!



Mimi Perka 

Undergraduate University:  University of South Carolina

Hometown: White Post, Virginia

Fun Fact: Mimi is convinced that she was a rock star in a past life.  In this life, she’ll have to settle for becoming a lawyer!


Kaylee Rabatin

Undergraduate University: University of Pittsburg

Hometown: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: Kaylee played on the Varsity Women’s Soccer team at the University of Pittsburg!

Bryson Strachan

Undergraduate University: Tufts University

Hometown: Austin, TX

Fun Fact: Bryson used to be convinced that he wanted to be a surgeon in high school that he had a mentor that was a spine surgeon. He scrubbed-in to view different spine surgeries from the head of the operating table.