Monday’s work

  1.  Prepositional case – adjective endings;  2) Ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd – 10th;  3) How to say “I’m a freshmen/sophomore/junior, etc.”
  2.  At home, listen to 3.8 and do exercises in blue book on pp. 129-134.
  3. FOR CLASS:  bring your BLUE book and we’re going to go over all of your answers (129-134).  This is a LOT of very useful stuff!!


weekly syllabus for Oct 9 – 20

This includes Fall Break assignment расписание 09.10

Wife of the French Ambassador

Here are the words, and my quick translation of the song, as well as of a snippet of Gorodetsky’s memoirs, where he tells how the song came to be written…

Crododiles, palms, baobaby

weekly syllabus for 02/10-06/10

Here’s the syllabus for next week (after Monday’s test)


Weekly syllabus

Here is the daily homework and in-class assignment log for this week!  Lots of stuff.  Follow the instructions!  For Tuesday…


HW (домашнее задание) for Tuesday 19.09

In your blue home(домашнее) assignment (задание) book,  do exercises 2.1 А, Б, В (pp.49-50). Note that you have to be listening to the текст while you do the ones on p. 49.

Then go on to текст 2.2,, get a grip on Denis’s family, and do the blue book exercises 2.2  А, Б, В.  For the last one, you listen to the audio recording under 2.2

Numerology 1-10

ekam_101    The numbers 1-10 in Sanskrit, Latin, and Russian. Amazing how consistent the number words are…  fun stuff for your inner linguist, or if you’ve ever taken a yoga class where they still count in Sanskrit, you’ll see how close to modern Russian it is!

Homework for Monday 11.sept

To prepare for Monday class, 11.09.     For week’s syllabus M-F see here:     РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫK_11.09

  1. Listen to текст 1.8.   You are going to learn a ton of clothing vocabulary. Remember to learn the word for “clothing” as well — одежда.   Где моя одежда?   = Where are my clothes?
  2. Under 1.8 вы всё поняли?, follow the tips for learning a lot of new words at once: separate out the ones that sound familiar (lots of clothing words in Russian come from English, French, or German). YOU NEED TO SAY THEM OUT LOUD TO HEAR THIS SIMILARITY.пиджак looks pretty weird until you say it out loud, at which point you should hear yourself saying something close to “pea-jacket”
  1. Save 20 minutes of total concentration to study 1.8 немного о языке, which will teach you how to make plurals. Your Russian world has just multiplied!!   Imagine yourself re-creating the chart of «how to make plurals» on your own:

how do you make a masculine noun that ends in a hard consonant plural?

— how do you make a masculine noun that ends in a consonant+soft sign plural?

— how do you make a plural when the word ends in a ‘velar’ (к, г, х) or a ‘husher’ (ш, щ, ч, ж) ?


Homework for Wednesday 09/06

Dialog 1.6 is a mini-lesson. All it does it introduce three “host family” characters by their name, patronymic, and last (family) names.  Listen (and repeat!! ) to the 3 slides of the text of 1.6  and review the “немного о языке”  about naming conventions.

Meanwhile, make flashcards: Go to словарь,  unit 1,  episodes  1.1 – 1.6  (not that it lines up with 1.10 right after 1.1  don’t let that throw you).  Get a pile of index cards and write out every word or phrase that you think anyone might have the slightest doubt about (you can leave out да,  нет)  (Put the English on the other side). BRING YOUR HOMEMADE FLASHCARDS TO CLASS.


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