Former Lab Members

Former studentClassLife after UR
Christy ChadwickWC '22Gap year
India PatelWC '22Gap year
WC '22Gap year
Katie WallWC '21Veterinary Technician
Katrina KuhnWC '21MD-PHD Student at John Hopkins University
Jack ScheutzowRC '20Medical Student at SUNY-Buffalo
Ruhan FarsinRC '19Medical Student at VCU
Leah CaboWC '19Graduate Student at University of Pittsburgh
Eric JedelRC '19Graduate Student at University of California Berkeley
Shaina D'souzaWC '18Graduate Student at Tulane University
Patrick SomersRC '17Research technician at University of Pennsylvania
Lauren SzetoWC '16Medical Student at Thomas Jefferson University
Tom ArenaRC '16Podiatry Student at Temple University
Sara KubeWC '16Dental student at University of Louisville
Becky ChenWC '16UR Graduate
Dominique DuranteWC '15MD from Howard University
Will FarmerRC '14MD from Georgetown University; ntern at University of Maryland Medical Center
Jose Santinni RomaRC '14Research technician at National Institutes of Health
Thomas WalshRC '15UR graduate
Gili HrusaWC '13Public Heath Epidemiologist for New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; MPH, Yale University; LinkedIn

Kaitlyn MarkojaWC '12Resident at Georgetown University; MD from U Conn; taught in India (12-13)
Caitlin (Smith) WilliamsWC '12SPIRE Postdoc at UNC-CH; PhD USUHS (Emerging Infectious Diseases); teacher in Kosovo 12-13; LinkedIn
Taylor ApplebaumWC '13Software Engineer at Google; LinkedIn
Dana Bartlett DasherWC '11MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School
Natalie OmattageWC '12Postdoc at Rockefeller U; PhD student at Washington University (in Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis); LinkedIn
Haddis TujubaRC '11Clinical Research Coordinator at The Center for Clinical Research; LinkedIn
Garrett GrahamRC '10UR Graduate
Jack ShawRC '12UR Graduate
Alexandria BrownWC '10Protocol Start-up Coordinator at VCU Division of Hematology, Oncology & Palliative Care at Massey Cancer Center; LinkedIn
James McCormickRC '10PhD from SMU; LinkedIn
Jordan WalterRC '10MD/PhD from at UNC-CH
Aaron DaughertyRC '09Senior Scientist at twoXAR; PhD from Stanford; Fulbright in Indonesia; LinkedIn
Jamy BorbidgeWC '08Optometrist at Family Eye Care in Saco, Maine; New England School of Optometry
Ben LloydRC '08MD from Case Western University; Gastroenterology Fellow at Duke University Hospital
Matt SagranskyRC '08MD from Wake Forest University
Alexander Haig EskandarianRC '07EMBO postdoctoral fellow at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; PhD from Universit Paris 5 - Descartes
Microbiologie et Biologie Cellulaire; LinkedIn
Stephanie Hawkins
RC '07UR graduate
Chris WellingtonRC '07Program Director in Division of Genomes Science, National Institutes of Health
Lisa (Warner) PfefferleWC '07Director, Corporate Development and Licensing
LabCorp; PhD from Duke University; LinkedIn
Ellyn (Dazenski) Gouldin
WC '05Veterinary Surgeon
Red Bank Veterinary Hospital; D.V.M. from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine; LinkedIn
AnhTram Jamon NguyenWC '05PhD - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Research Scientist at University of Virginia
Andrea (Wilson) CutherellWC '05Maternal, newborn and child health specialist for Population Services International; MPH from John Hopkins University; LinkedIn
Kamila SomayajiWC '05Medical Student at Ross University School of Medicine; MPH from VCU; LinkedIn
Adriane Boyle WC '04MD from Case Western University; Dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente; LinkedIn
Laura (Liefer) Dillon WC '04LinkedIn