ANTM Fans post

I decided to go for an aesthetically pleasing video as the focus for my blog post. I felt that for an article surrounding the use of social media and the way people use it to portray themselves, that I should use a clip that represents a seemingly luxurious lifestyle. In the clip there are all of these up and coming super models dressed up at this fabulous party. Editor Drew Eliot tasks the contestants with taking three photos that they would put on social media to represent themselves and tell a story. I wanted to stick with the platform of America’s Next Top Model, the topic of my final project because I felt like it would be a good vehicle to talk about self-image. I decided to impose the quote “Self-management, a precise articulation of themes of individualism, creativity, identity, and success,” (Ellcessor). In this challenge, the models are managing their image at the party by taking pictures that will make them stand out at panel, branding themselves, and creating a unique story on social media.

One of the effects I decided to use was altering the element of speed. At one point, I speed up the video and have it go in fast motion to emphasize the constant content creation of social media and how trends are constantly changing. Social media is not slowing down any time soon and it is often a race to post the most trendy or likable photos online.